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Stay Bright. By Learning. By Faith.

Our mission at Stay Bright Movement is to hold up the light of Jesus Christ and build a community that shares truth, provides knowledge and hope, increases faith and confidence, loves with compassion, and shines out to the world as a place of safety and comfort.
Strengthen your faith.
Strengthen your mind.
Gain confidence to shine!
Stay Bright, y'all!

A homegrown Carolina girl, I am also smitten with the west and the many years we lived there. I love to learn about how people learn. My passion is teaching, especially topics and lessons that encourage us to think deeply and take action to improve our lives. I'm excited to use my undergrad degree in Human Development, my graduate degree in Educational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, and a host of life experiences to spread joy and light to the world! My six incredible children are beginning to leave the nest, but some of the brood and I currently live in the beautiful forest of Chapel Hill, NC.

Kristy Stout

I’m a mother of four, a teacher, published author and fierce optimist. My high school teammates nicknamed me “sunshine” because you’d always find me cheering even if we’re down by five in the last inning! I’m compelled to tackle life with faith, a sense of humor and with personal responsibility to find and share the resources and stories that keep me shining no matter what. My goal is for you to bask in a little bit of light and then feel empowered to go shine it out too!

Angela Larkin
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